Thursday, April 5, 2007

To the one that got away-Cheers!!

Ever drove during mid afternoon, lovely warm sunshine and every person is smiling at the way their day is going....I felt a semi-nirvana, calm and clear, music was blaring and it fell on my deaf ears and just when my insight into myself seemed on a precarious edge between break-through and seeing the harsh truth of myself as a whole, something caught my attention as if to say HEY!!WAKE THE F### UP!!!! She's looking at me, a breeze billowing her gorgeous pin straight hair, her smile so seductive and inviting it intoxicates and infects my faculty to think bout anything else. My point of this post is this...... is there anybody out there who's seen a girl once and in that moment infatuated themselves with that portrait of beauty? Has anybody out there ever drove past a girl and never lost admiration for the way that person carries themself? Call me a hopeless romantic but i cant help but wonder was she the one? Ever felt a tide of emotion beat on your throat threatening to be released like a pent up animal, WILD and PRIMAL in nature but filled with warmth.....Yes i do feel where many think i'm cold and heartless but anyway i saw this gem standing there but it was like so surreal and suddenly i get this feeling that a barrage of questions is gonna assault me once you guys read this, so lets clear some shyt up. No i couldn't stop, was on working time, i am a hopeless romantic and by no means AT ALL are you allowed to tease me about this and i am dead serious bout that......R n Zoe if your'l even dare be sarcastic i'l SCREAM!!!!! MWAH!!!! Byeeeeeeeee