Wednesday, April 23, 2008

If eyes could talk, mine would sob
A tale of my heart which a thief did rob

On land she became my partner in crime
Of all pleasures did we discover as a pair
My fault was that i never shared
What my mind hath planned
So now i'm bare

If Sylvia withheld her mind from the oven
We know not what mischief her future would have woven
Do the pressures of life not compress our minds so?

Hate me not nor love me ever
Only time shall show
This rhyme's endeavour
I beg i plead all who read
Like V who's vendetta burned fury from pain
Let go of before and tackle the wrongs that remain

Allow for all costs,write off what you can
Off into the sunset my darling we shall walk hand in hand

Monday, April 21, 2008


Ever caught yourself watching a movie and wishing you could just jump into the screen and take over the role of the hero/heroine?I wonder wat that says about me.....

Ever seen an old couple walk hand in hand in the street and hope to be as lucky as them?To see as many years as they did?

Am i disturbed mentally or is this what makes me me?We all have different sides to us but are we in balance like two sides of a coin,ying and yang?Can any of us honestly say i'm in a stage in my life where i'v got things in order.......

This is all off the cuff so i beg that nobody consider this my present state of mind.........

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Let the stars show me the way

Load shedding,its an inevitability that irks me even when the lights are on.We supposedly clawed through the dark ages with sword and stone only to end up in a technological age where life is symmetrically kept in check by one glorious yet tiny processing unit aka the micro-chip.Created by man (or aliens according to Optimus Prime) amidst tumultuous applause,it revolutionised lifestyle and in itself became a doorway for greater heights to be reached.All that being said,it becomes quite immaterial at the absence of electricity which we have Eskom to thank for.Last night i sat in darkness,a proverbial man on fire at the edge of sanity.Graced with just a blanket of stars as my companion i contemplated starting up a bonfire just to spark up the night and it dawned on me......................