Friday, March 14, 2008


I guess we all have to grow up some time or another but do we really have to give up being young at heart?In all my experiences i'v never once considered losin the kid within me but i do feel that kid's flame of conviction flicker now n then.

I'v recently started out the rest of my life with a business venture and so far it goes pretty well thou some pressures are startin to breach the not so problem free surface.Those that know me will understand that my sunny disposition always used to outshine whatever i came across therefore i'm turnin my sails to the wind and going at my obstacles head on.

People i am now doin tire's and rims and have my own fitment centre in Shallcross called Jamaica Motorsport.We do anythin from 13" to 24" and i have to say its a challenging market.
I'm not gonna try to promote myself more here cos i could go on and on bout my line of work......(sigh) its official..........I'M WORKING!!!!!!!Hehehehe sorry,had to get that outa my system.

As herbal as my business sounds i hope to see or speak to u guys with whom i'v lost contact on a more frequent basis via my lovely ADSL which took me ages to get.I felt like Neo when he was plugged in but now.....I'm the one thats doin the plugging,pardon the lame puncture repair humour hee hee....

So much to say,so little vocab left in me.Seems words fail me now or maybe its just too early in the morning for me but i better get back to work.Hope atleast one person reads this post cos i deserted my blog for quite a bad.....laters i'm outy