Wednesday, April 23, 2008

If eyes could talk, mine would sob
A tale of my heart which a thief did rob

On land she became my partner in crime
Of all pleasures did we discover as a pair
My fault was that i never shared
What my mind hath planned
So now i'm bare

If Sylvia withheld her mind from the oven
We know not what mischief her future would have woven
Do the pressures of life not compress our minds so?

Hate me not nor love me ever
Only time shall show
This rhyme's endeavour
I beg i plead all who read
Like V who's vendetta burned fury from pain
Let go of before and tackle the wrongs that remain

Allow for all costs,write off what you can
Off into the sunset my darling we shall walk hand in hand


ZK said...

do share more

Phantom said...

Sylvia Platt ;)